Friday, January 30, 2009

Ben Slow " LUCY " print & original release

Its called Lucy and done an edition of 30 stencilled and heavily handfinished pieces on 300 gsm heavyweight cartridge.  Measurements are 70 cm by 50 cm and are all very unique and can be finished to specification if wanted.  The cost is £70 (including postage in the uk)
Also done an edition of 5 on canvas at 100 cm X 70 cm at a cost of £250 as well as a master piece which measures 5 foot by 3 foot. Email Ben at


Anonymous said...

The real artist is the photographer:

Anonymous said...

BUSTED! Why don't you "Urban Artist" learn to paint rather than rip off other works and squirt spray cans at it. Street my ass. Suburban poser bitches is more like it.

Anonymous said...

ummm the Artist had the photographer take this picture and then use it for the "LUCY" piece.

You should do a little research before you go blabbin your mouth about. POSER!