Friday, October 31, 2008

Staic X Dirquo Collab

Static has collaborated with DirQuo from CROOKLYN (Brooklyn) to create this unique piece. Here is an exclusive sneek peek of what's coming.  Static has screened the first layers and DirQuo is adding 3 stencil layers.  After completion they will release the print through Amilas Art site in a couple of weeks.

Obama print by BASK

Add this to one of the tops Obama prints to date. It is available through and comes signed and numbered by BASK. These were printed through Outer Edge Studios, The ones who do all of Choes giclee's. Quality work in my opinion. Edition of 100 and priced at 200 as well. 

Halloween print release

Set to drop via the Viva La Vandal site, link is on the right of the page. Artist GED, Title: The Curse of Man Media: Spray paint, acrylic and willow charcoal on box frame canvas, Edition: 9 - each one unique Size: 42cm x 59cm, Price: £70. Thanks to the folks at Viva la Vandal for the heads up! PEACE

Thursday, October 30, 2008

VOTE by Fairey OUT NOW !!!!

Go now to Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need | Barack Obama Store Now to grab one...there are only 3000 left...selling fast. Goodd Luck to anyone who grabs 1. PEACE 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hush Print INFO

Naughty Boys II (pictured) is the first one, from an edition of just 15 and priced at £250.  Both prints are hand finished screen prints,  Little Angels has more individual work done to each piece than Naughty Boys II. Ten of each print will be released on the night to the throng of hopefuls, with the other five released the next day on the Opus.  Little Angels (Blades) is the other, can be viewed after the jump and similarly is from an edition of 15, but this time priced at £300.

Grafter "Lola" release

I am very pleased to bring you "LOLA" by one of my favorite artist at the moment, GRAFTER, from UK. This piece is all hand finished with 3 different color-ways : Special edition of 25, then a Black edition of 50, and another Toned edition of 15. Prices are as follows: special 80£ / Black 60£ / Toned 75£. You can go to

New DOLK print

The Paintbrush Girl from Cans Festival is finally here as a print. It is made in an edition of 250 prints, measuring 50x70cm and printed on top quality Conqueror Conoisseur Soft White 300gsm paper. The print is printed in six colors plus varnish, and all are signed and numbered by Dolk. All available at

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Fairey Print of Johnny Ramone

Bring released tomorrow via obeygiant website (10/28/08) probably an edition of 450 and I think it is a Gold version. All signed and numbered by Shepard. No specific time some keep refreshing and cross your fingers if you want this! PEACE


Thanks to the peeps at for this sneak peek at the upcoming HUSH show at Opus Underground. With his recent success in L.A. and London, both sell out shows; This show should be something special.  Goto for more info. PEACE

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Fairey OBAMA VOTE Print

Thanks to the guys at these photos they got with Shep. All I know is they are probably limited to 5000 through the Obama campaign. It will be the next print for sale through artist for change. To be released any day now! Good Luck

Ian Millard New Print "Gallery Opens"

12 Hand cut stencils and spraypaint. Unique edition of 3 on canvas and size is 22 x 8 x 2 and an edition of 10 on paper and size is 22 x 10. Available soon through

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Evan Hecox Print

This was produced for Evan’s upcoming show at MatherKunst in Amsterdam (a new gallery from one of the Andenken owners).  The brown version is limited to 20 pieces and is $175, the white is limited to 100 and will be $100.  Half of the run was printed at 40cm x 50cm and will be available by shooting MatherKunst an email this Friday (October 24).  The other half of the run was printed at 16″ x 20″ and will be for sale stateside that same day at

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CageOne @ Viva La Vandal

"Nothing is Real" by Cageone is available through Viva La Vandal website and comes in an edition of 20, signed and numbered. Size is 11.7 x 16.5  and is a Limo print on fabriano paper. The price is 25 pounds. 

"Neverwork" prints out now

Neverwork has a new print out through "Red House Originals" and comes in an edition of 50, signed and numbered. 755mm x 555mm and cost 145 pounds.  email for availability. Peace

New PREFAB Print "Roller"

"Roller" brought to you by PREFAB, has finally come as a print for those of you who missed the  OG! Here is the details. This will be released in an edition of 77 and an additional 23 will be hand finished. The edition of 77 will be priced at 65 pounds and the Hand-Finished version will be 90 pounds. Dropping first week in NOVEMBER!

Monday, October 13, 2008

"Guardian" by Josh Keyes

No details yet except it is an edition of 100, signed and numbered by Mr.Keyes and available at Limited Addiction Gallery. Good Luck on getting this, last release of his generated over 2 million hits in 2-3 days. craziness. 

Vivi La Revolucion FAIREY 10/15/08

"Vivi la Revolucion" by Shep is available on 10/15/08 No info on size or edition but the odds are it is edition of 450 signed and numbered by Fairey and measures a 18 x 24. Good Luck

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fairey "Rose Girl" 10/18/08

Being released on 10/18/08 at the Irvine Contemporary in D.C. Not to many details except only being released at the show. Good luck to anyone on the east coast who can make it out for this.

2 New Kinsey Prints

Hurry and click this link...not on his regular page and can only access through this link for some reason.. 2 different prints in an edition of 200 and the other is 40.

Broken Crow Print

Not too much info cause I'm kinda strapped for time today, but go to and brocken crow page.. all details there. edition of 30 signed and numbered. GL

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Banksy Show in NY happening now!!!!!!!!!!

info at This is no joke, it is a pet store,;not sure if it is a art show or not. But def something to check out!

Ian Millard "AF1" release

"AF1" by Ian Millard is set to be released @ 10 am Mountain time on 10/10/08. This release comes in an edition of 20. This piece was created using 7 different hand cut stencils and spraypaint making each 1 unique and IMO and original. $50 + $15 shipping. Great price from a great artist. go to

Monday, October 6, 2008


"ONE MANS JUNK" SIZE: 30in. X 22in. (76cm. X 55 cm.) EDITION: 15

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raven-Haired Print OUT NOW !!

Raven Haired by EELUS is out now @ The price is 100 pounds and comes signed and numbered w/ certificate of authenticity.  edition of 200

Thursday, October 2, 2008

EELUS Solo Show Tonight @ Electrik Sheep UK

Sneek Peek exclusive; see if you can make out what image that is on Canvas? A little Teaser if your a E fan like myself. Anyway, Get over to sometime today and view the EELUS Originals from the showw. GL to everyone trying to get a piece. Also, a new Raven-haired print is suppose to drop today as well. PEACE

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Danny O'connor Originals at Edge Art Gallery

I believe their are 9 new OG's at the edge art gallery website that vary in size and start at 225 pounds. Go to and check em out. 

Viva La Vandal Grand Opening

Viva La Vandal has dropped today with the website being fully operational and some new work up from Tiki, Neverwork, Cherri Wood, GED, Boom, Optiknerve, and RetroCanvas! Definitely get over and check the site. I'm sure their will be more pics and more works coming soon too. 

K-Guy "Love/Hate" print

"Love Hate" print release through and come in 4 different variants. 2 editions of 50, priced at 65 pounds and come in a silver/gold editions. and thee other 2 variants come in an edition of 10 and are hand-finished and priced at 100 pounds. More details at

Copyright "Love War" Print release

Copyright has a new print dropping via on October 2, 2008 and not sure what time so keep your eyes peeled.The print which is being hand printed by Copyright is made up of two colour stenciled layers, two colour screen printed and one colour brushed paint on ivory stock with decaled edges. The print is a tiny edition of just 33 is 50cm x 70cm and priced at £240 including VAT and P&P.