Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Sten & Lex" print release

Definitely something to add to your diary! will be releasing an EXCLUSIVE new signed limited edition print from Sten & Lex, hot on the heels of their success at the Cans Festival.

Visit this page at 9.30am this Friday for your opportunity to own this print.  We anticipate demand to be high, so our advice is to be quick! For more details please view the article below:

"Since" print release

Since, a U.K. based artist is releasing this print and others I believe @

Sam Flores new print

San Francisco-based artist and 12Grain maestro Sam Flores has designed a real San Francisco treat for you. Now you can have the perfect starry night on your wall with the SF skyline and of course the ever-present Flores character possessing a tiger mask and signature big hands. 
Even better is the fact that it has been produced in a limited quantity of 100, signed and numbered by the artist himself. The poster may even talk too, who knows?  
It has all the other fixings.  Grab yours now at

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ian Millard " Train Tags"

20" x 26" (51cm x 66cm) - Unique Edition of 15
The background of the prints were created using stencils and Montana Gold paint. 
Then a fine art giclee black layer was printed over top to pull the image together. 
Finally, the prints were sprayed with a gloss lacquer layer. 
Signed and Numbered on the front and stenciled "Ian's Prints" on the back.
Available Now! Prints are $90 shipped to the USA and $110 International
Since each print is unique, please email to request a print number.
"Train Tags" by one of my favorite artist from the states, Ian millard, and he is definitely making his mark on the urban art scene as of recently, and hopefully for a long time coming too. 

"When Worlds Collide"

When worlds collide by Chet Zar's Father James Zar comes in a limited edition of 50, signed & numbered by James himself and measures 13.5 x 16.  Oh, a little insider info: this piece inspired a father/son exhibition James and Chet Zar will be having together in May of 2009 at L'Imagerie gallery. Yep, talent definitely runs in the family. Grab your print of When Worlds Collide

Friday, July 25, 2008

Duality of Humanity 2 "Shepard Fairey"

Following the release of # 1, This great print depicting the sadness and constant thought of war. Duality of Humanity 2 will drop soon @

Will Drop on Sat. 7/26/08 @ a random time through out that day. Keep your eyes peeled ! peace

"The Warden Print"by BAM

Standard Edition: £66 + P&P
Medium: Three colour screenprint plus two layers of varnish.
Size: 70cm wide by 100cm tall
Paper: Somerset Satin 310gsm
Edition: 45 - Signed and Numbered

Special Edition: £99 + P&P
Medium: Four colour screenprint plus two layers of varnish.
Size: 70cm wide by 100cm tall
Paper: Somerset Satin 310gsm
Edition: 12 - Signed and Numbered

available @

Thursday, July 24, 2008

POW Release "TitiFreak & Todd James"

Todd James  Edition of 40. Signed and numbered by the artist. Dimensions:
75x55cm.   Six colour screenprint on yellow gloss vinyl paper. Including fluorescent inks.
Price:  £150.00 
Titifreak "Liberdade" Edition of 150 signed & numbered by the artist. 57 x 77 cm. Silver and black screen print on 300 gsm, deckeled edge and archival paper. price - 200 pounds available @ Pictures on walls

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alex Pardee "exclusive print release"

The portrait was painted and he and his Rogues went on their way. And now, in celebration of my favorite place on the planet, ZEROFRIENDS will be releasing a super limited (only 45 will be available) giclee print of my portrait of the Batman (and his crappy little nuisances) exclusively at the San Diego Comic Con this week!
“Each print corresponds, and features the name and case number, of a particular villain that Batman helped lock up at some time, including the members of the Rouge's Gallery and the League of Assassins.”
These inventive prints will only be available for purchase at the Zerofriends booth (N13) at this week’s San Diego Comic Con, starting Wednesday (preview) night.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

STATIC "Corridor of uncertainty"

You can get yours now @ Amilas and details there as well.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jeff Soto "Beast Within"

"Beast Within" giclee, Full color image on archival acid free paper.  This is a signed and numbered limited edition of 50 + 4 AP's. Paper size is 17 x 17 and image is 14 x 14. Ships flat. Order now @

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Copyright "Hold on Golden Light Edition"

Edition of 10, hand-finished by copyright and available now @ for around $375. Get it now before they are all gone.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

STEF "The Error"

"The Error" by artist STEF.  All hand pulled screen prints with hand sprayed embellishments. Each print is slightly different.  50X35 cm Screen print Fabriano 240gsm + Multi colours Spray Background hand finished limited edition of 6 - All slight variation Signed and Numbered @

"BANKSY's Identity Uncovered"?

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! This is a great article but not sure if it is true. Definately take the time out today to read this article  I've read similar articles, but this one seems to mention his full name and other exciting details.

Michael Sieben & Decoder Rings Print

Each print is on Coventry Rag heavy archival paper, signed, numbered and embossed. 
This is an edition of 100 with 80 available for purchase. They are $250 plus shipping.

Brought to you by Austin's own Michael Sieben,20 screens, varnish, wax and coffee in the ink we have the newest print in the Decoder Ring Fine Art Print Series.  Michael has managed to do a lot of stuff in his career from Art Directing Bueno Skateboards, Writing for Thrasher and Fecal Face and running Okay Mountain art space. But this is the first print he's tackled at this scale. 

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jef Aerosol " new canvas originals"

(Spray paint on canvas, signed by the artist 1/1. (31.5 x 31.5)  sold)

There a few originals left at very reasonable prices  from opus underground.  Jef Aerosol belongs to the first French street art generation of the early 80s. After experimenting with copy-art in the late 70s, Jef went on to work with stencils. Inspired by music, film and literature, his trademark mix of life-size actors, musicians and poets can be seen on walls in numerous cities, including Paris, London, Lille, Chicago, Venice and Amsterdam.

He has exhibited his works in a number of solo and group shows around the world, including his first UK solo show in London 2007 and this year Amaze stencil festival in Belgium with fellow Opus Underground artists Hush and Pure Evil. Jef is a true legend in the street art world.

Josh Keyes print release tommorow

Signed & Numbered Edition of 100. 
Archival Giclee on Hahnemuhle Velvet Paper (308 gm weight). 
32" x 24" Paper size with deckled edges. $395

The gallery reserves the right to cancel any orders.

Herbert Baglione "Adidas Release"

This Thursday, July 17th, marks the release of the new Herbert Baglione adidas Originals sneaker from Upper Playground, the first sneaker in a four-part series collaboration between adidas originals and Upper Playground. 

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, acclaimed fine artist Baglione is highly respected and recognized within the industry as well as throughout South America and Europe. He is known for his strong minimalist and simplistic approach to painting. According to Baglione, the basis of his work is addressing the coldness and competitiveness present in people. He likes to be ironic about things such as individuality and death, and the paths chosen to either achieve these experiences or distance oneself from it. 

“My sneaker design expresses my personal taste in shoes. I don't like colorful tennis shoes that are full of designs or anything that I feel is more than necessary. I believe being simple ends up being more challenging," commented Baglione about his vision for the sneaker.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

"EINE" originals & few prints left

Ben Eine is a master print-maker / artist for POW  (pictures on walls, for those of you who have been living under a rock). Their are a few originals left and prints as well. Good luck 

Ben Eine is one of London's most prolific and original street artists having started his career over twenty five years ago as a common vandal, he has toned and developed his unique style into something which has been described as "the Fiona Rae of graffiti and spray paint". Eine specialises in producing huge letters on shop fronts across London, it has recently been said that "...Eine is doing for letters of the alphabet what Banksy did for rats and smiley policemen".... whatever that means. 

Eine's work has been exhibited in New York, Tokyo and all over Europe including V1 in Copenhagen, Colette in Paris, Santas Ghetto, London and Kemistry, London. His painting commissions have also taken him worldwide to as far away as Israel, Australia and India. 

Born 1970, Ben Eine lives and works in London

Friday, July 11, 2008

Kinsey "Paper Trail" 36 prints, whaaaat

Dave Kinsey has a solo show, Paper Trail, at Pursuit Gallery now on display. Coinciding with Paper Trail, Pursuit has 36 limited edition prints by Dave Kinsey from his personal collection circa 1999 - 2008. 

HUSH "Graf Warrior"

Hand Finished Edition of 50 signed and numbered by the artist. 300 pounds

Yes! Yes! Yes! Definitely one of my favorite artist of this year is HUSH.  Hush is an urban artist who worked in Hong Kong for a number of years as a graphic designer/Illustrator before recently returning to the UK.

His popularity is soaring, with a sell out London show, alongside high profile street pieces, sold out print runs and collaborations. With shows coming up in London and LA, Hush draws his influence from a wide variety of modern culture to create his work. His main interests being graphic-novels, animation, graphic-design, graffiti art, urban art and contemporary painting.

He has worked as a graphic designer & illustrator / art director in London, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Hong Kong where he worked for a few of the largest Toy companies in the world.

EELUS "Tiffany and Cheeky Cherub" just dropped online

Hurry over to eelus's website and get yours now before they are all gone.... 2 of his best prints to date! they just dropped this morning (us) evening (uk)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shepard Fairey "Duality of Humanity"

"Duality of Humanity" no info on edition size yet, but the release date is 7/16/08. Make sure to keep your eyes pealed for this one.  Definitely one of his better prints this year.

M-City "plane" & "Zeppelin"

"Zeppelin" Edition of 1, spray paint on linen canvas 100 x 70 cm available @

"Plane" edition of 1, Spray paint on linen canvas 100 x 70 cm available @

Ian Millard " Run like hell"

"Run Like Hell" canvas release on Friday july 11 @ 10 a.m. mountain time. Edition of 12 and come in 3 different color ways : (3)Red, (6)Blue, and (3)Green and sixe is 12 x 12 canvas and comes with coa directly from artist.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

PREFAB "enemy of promise"

With a new show in the UK titled "enemy of promise" and some great new work for sale through, Prefab is definitely one of many new stencil artist showing off their skills this year.  With a selection of new originals and 2 new hand finished screen prints. Definitely get over there to check it! You won't be sorry you did.

"loves me not"
watercolor, acrylic, and silkscreen on wooden box
unique 1/1 cost 600 pounds

Spraypaint, hand painted metallic leaf, & screenprint on 300gsm high quality archival paper.  This print comes as a limited edition of 25. There are Gold or Silver options, in which the crowbar is painted a different color. Cost 80 pounds

Ben Tour print release

Vancouver-based artist Ben Tour has some exciting news to share with us this morning: “It's been a long time coming but my first ever run of prints are now available,” he said. And then we said, “Sweet! We gotta let the world know about this!” So now you know.

Tour has produced these two very limited edition (only 20 of each) 24” x 18” prints for his first run: Blue Wash 1 and Blue Wash 2. The quality is super high on these prints making them look exactly like the original, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing one of Ben’s pieces up close and in person, that should make you pretty damn excited.

thx juxtapoz

Upper Playground X Adidas originals

Upper Playground is releasing an exclusive sneaker series with adidas Originals next week. The new shoe line features four signature designs from fine artists Sam FloresDavid Choe,Herbert Baglione, and hip hop artist Aesop Rock.

Beginning July 17, 2008, Upper Playground will release a new sneaker every Thursday. Each sneaker design will be available for sale at Upper Playground retail stores and online at beginning at 8 am PST. Each pair of sneakers will retail for $150.00.

thanks to UP for the down low on the release! WORD

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Artist named DAAN

DAAN is a stencil artist from the Netherlands, I believe.  He has done some very interesting prints and I have been following his work for the past 4 or 5 months now.  Just released his last print titled "Virgin Soup" and comes in 2 different editions.

Signed and numbered edition of 7 with metallic gold background. Hand pulled 3 color screen print on 20 x 26 300g.

Signed and numbered edition of 5 with orange background, the orange is really, really orange, almost fluorescent. Hand pulled 3 color screen print on 20 X 26 300g. 

Obama Cell Phone Stickers

McCain's Plan SUCKS

McCain's Plan SUCKS
Did you know that if McCain is elected you will have to pay income tax on the value of the medical insurance that your employer gives you? Worse still, he is offering a tax break for people who pay their own insurance, BUT only $2,500 for individuals and $5,000 for families.

Let's say you have a family of four. Your insurance policy costs would be at least $1,500-2,500 per month under a self-pay plan, which cost more than employer group plans. So, you pay $18,000 -$30,000 per year for insurance, and you get to deduct only $5,000 of that. If you paid $25,000 for you insurance, you would be out of pocket $20,000 per year. This is FAR WORSE than the current system, where if you are self employed you can deduct 100% of you medical insurance costs.

So, if you're not self employed, you would stick with your Employer's plan. Employer plans for a family of four have a value of $900-$1,500 per month totaling 10,800-$18,000 per year. Surprise! On April 15th, you owe tax on all of that as INCOME to you. Say your bracket is 25%, and the value of your Employer medical plan is $14,000. You will OWE THE IRS an additional $3,500, and that's ON TOP of whatever monthly premium you already pay to your employer for your insurance. 

Many analysts say that McCain's new rules would encourage employers to stop offering health benefits. If that happened, then far fewer Americans would be insured than are insured today, because what family of four can afford $18,000-$30,000 out of pocket per year for self-pay health insurance? 

Furthermore, McCain's plan does not require insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions of people who self-pay their insurance. People under employer group plans have all of their pre-existing conditions covered. This is a hugely unfair aspect of the current system. Insurance companies can afford to cover the pre-existing conditions of the much larger pool of people with group insurance, but they refuse to pay the pre-existing conditions on the smaller pool of self-pay customers. They have been allowed to price gouge the self-pay customers, which is a form of market manipulation that should be illegal.

So let's say one of your kids had diabetes and you have high blood pressure, then your employer stops offering insurance. You now have to buy your own, but you and your child are INELIGIBLE due to pre-existing conditions. Oh, yeah, they will let you buy the insurance, but you can't use it for any pre-existing condition until you have paid on time every month for two years. And you know what happens at one year and 11 months? You get a letter saying your policy has been cancelled. I have many patients this has happened to.

McCain's plan SUCKS.

It does nothing to help middle class working Americans afford or obtain medical insurance. In fact, it makes the current system WORSE.


KRINK aka Craig Costello slaps on his Iconic Tag along with an exclusive design for the new incase for apple laptops.  JULY 15 launch @ top tier apple stores worldwide and limited amount go to!!!  Get it quick with just 1 click. peace 

comes in 2 sizes 13inch and 15inch macs only

FAILE "Tender Forever"

What a year for the art collective "FAILE." They have managed to blow us away once again with the 25 color relief print on 300 gram somerset satin paper to commemorate the "TATE MODERN" piece done earlier this year.  The print was made using magnesium plates, registered, inked, and printed on a hydraulic press. 

25 color relief print, somerset satin 300g
28 X 32 inches, edition of 315 singed numbered and stamped

EELUS "Tiffany and Cheeky Cherub" print release

1 of my Favorite artist from the UK "EELUS" is releasing 2 prints via his website this friday sometime in the PM.  the first is "Tiffany" and the second is "cheeky cherub" both prints come in an edition of 200. visit for more info



For those of you who missed out on the limited edition screenprint from world renowned artist Ron English, heres the paster version, released exclusively through

It is 25″ x 37″ and only $20 shipped.  All proceeds go to the Obama campaign.  Visit