Monday, July 14, 2008

Jef Aerosol " new canvas originals"

(Spray paint on canvas, signed by the artist 1/1. (31.5 x 31.5)  sold)

There a few originals left at very reasonable prices  from opus underground.  Jef Aerosol belongs to the first French street art generation of the early 80s. After experimenting with copy-art in the late 70s, Jef went on to work with stencils. Inspired by music, film and literature, his trademark mix of life-size actors, musicians and poets can be seen on walls in numerous cities, including Paris, London, Lille, Chicago, Venice and Amsterdam.

He has exhibited his works in a number of solo and group shows around the world, including his first UK solo show in London 2007 and this year Amaze stencil festival in Belgium with fellow Opus Underground artists Hush and Pure Evil. Jef is a true legend in the street art world.

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