Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Street Art in the Counter Culture

Not to be filed under history, photography, design or non-fiction, as it contains outright lies and outrageous subjective opinion, this book is definitely about street art. It is also about now. Fungus grows on your collected wild-style pioneers. Vile passions rage between old schools and new. Shit flies out from under the hammer at auction houses and property developers fund street art shows to liberal press fanfare. Oh, and Banksy hits the West Bank. Is anyone taking this stuff seriously? Should it be taken seriously? Is it all just an immense daisy chain of poker faces, irony and mind games? Untitled: Street Art in the Counter Culture is the definitive book covering street art today. Containing work attributed to: Banksy, Faile, DFace, Swoon, Bast, Blu, Blek Le Rat, Nick Walker, Obey, Dolk, Judith Supine, Eine, Gaia, Elbowtoe, Hush, Copyright, Mir, Dan Witz, Space Invader, Armsrock, Doze Green, Know Hope, Logan Hicks, Skullphone, WKInteract, Skewville, Borf, Ame72, Sam3, Eelus, Miss Bugs, Rene Gagnon, The London Police, Michael De Feo and many many more. From Brooklyn to Bethlehem, Brick Lane to Barcelona this book shows just why street art is destined to become the first new major art movement of the 21st Century. Goto to get your copt now.

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